Drive advance ticket sales

One click mass mailings with “Who’s Going”, RSVP and Buy Tickets buttons.
One click publish to Facebook with map and ticket links.
Mobile ticket page captures impulse ticket sales.
Ticket sales and RSVPs build your “Who’s Going” page.
Mobile “Who’s Going” drives “night-of” ticket sales.

Competitive ticketing fees

Comparable to ticketing-only solutions.
Also includes e-marketing, membership, website, mobile app and door management.
You set the ticket service fee that your guests pay.
Easily set service fees to cover entire system cost.

Control cost and reduce risk

Every time a ticket is sold funds flow directly into your account.
Lifestyle friendly processing at lowest transaction fees.
ML payment method minimizes account suspension risk.

Your ticketing is connected to everything

Up-to-the-minute ticket sales on your mobile phone.
Get text alerts on each ticket sale.
Discount and comps automatic by membership level.
One step ticket setup updates all website event pages.
Ticket sales add to your contacts.
Sales performance by mass mailing, event and guest.
Online door checkin on your iPad or laptop.

Ticketing power tools

Members-only event ticketing drives member sign-up and sales.
Ticketing for couples built in.
Automated sub-promoter commissions.


Mass Mailing

Mass Mailing

Better mailings drive more sales

One click to email all your contacts and your guests.
One click to publish to all marketing channels and sub-promoters.
One click to include purchase buttons, RSVP, “Who’s Going”, flyer and event details.

Faster growing lists

Your mailing list grows on every ticket sale.
Your mailing list grows on every membership application.
Your mailing list grows on every RSVP.
Your mailing list grows on every “Contact Us” inquiry.

Your mass mailing is connected to everything

Measure performance by opens, click throughs and sales.
Measure mobile click-through and ticket sales.
Call, text or email any contact through your mobile app.

Mass mailing power tolls

One click to text all your event guests.
Best-in-class HTML editor.
HTML access page for you and promoters.
Track each customers message history and ticket sales.
Message templates for RSVPs, ticket confirmations, member approval and list subscription.


Website Builder


Maintain your website, on your schedule

Creating your website with Modern Lifestyle is a simple, intuitive process.
Post your event flyer and create stunning event pages.
Launch ticket sales, update prices and manage your RSVP page.
Build and update member registration pages.
Create unlimited web pages like “About Us”, “FAQ”, “Rules” etc.
Add or update mobile app pages.
No web guy needed!

Eliminate most maintenance

Pre-build subscribe and contact forms update your mailing list.
Self service event forms generate event and venue pages.
Events automatically create ticket purchase and RSVP pages.
New events are featured on your home page.
Ticket sales and RSVPs generate engaging “Who’s Going” pages.
Mobile versions of most pages are generated automatically.

Run your own members-only area

Member pages require login.
Show members-only event details.
Offer members-only event tickets, RSVP and “Who’s Going” pages.
Members-only photos area.

Your website is connected to everything

Single login to manage website, memberships, ticketing and mass mailing.
Mobile app is the mobile version of your website.

Website power tools

Create unlimited custom pages with simple HTML editor.
Just add and arrange your content and features anywhere you want with the click of a mouse.
Your logo and colors on every page, automatically.


Membership Management

Membership Management

Your own member community

Know your customers through profiles, pics and history.
Members interact with each other and create engaged micro communities around your brand.
“Who’s Going” page drives more ticket sales.

Sell online memberships

Define and sell multiple membership levels.
Keep members engaged through members-only perks and features.
Automatic recurring income through membership renewals.

Your membership management is connected to everything

One click mass mailing to all your members or custom groups of members.
Member application form on your website.
Members-only area with profiles, pictures and “Who’s Going” pages.
Offer members-only events and ticketing.
Ticket discounts and comps by membership level.
Call, text or email members with one click from your mobile app.

Membership power tools

Couples membership profiles built in.
Unlimited membership levels and lists.
Targeted mass mailing by membership level.


Mobile App

Mobile App

Professional mobile app included

No expensive development project and no extra cost.
Easy set up and easy to manage.
No ongoing maintenance necessary.

Drive last minute ticket sales

Mobile community features.
Mobile “Who’s Going” page.
Mobile optimized ticket sales page.

Everything your guests need the day of the party

Party info, map and contacts.
Mobile ticket feature.
Call, text or email host with one click.

Everything you need the day of the party

Text message on each new ticket sale.
Up-to-the-minute ticket order list and door check-in list.
Call, text or email your guests with one click.
Mass text party guests last-minute info.


Door Management

One Shared List

Promoter RSVP’s

Streamline Your Door

Single Click Check-in
Bar Code Check-in
Mobile Check-in
Desktop / Table / Smartphone
Multiple Stations

Sell Anything  / Track Everything

Cash or Card Swipe
Guest Tickets
Tables / VIP Upgrades

Build Your List

On the Guest List
Members not on the list
Contacts not on the list
New contacts